Background of Namutumba Community hospital in Namutumba District.


NAMUTUMBA district same times it referred to as BUSIKI, is a district in Busoga sub region in the Eastern part of Uganda. Namutumba district is divided into six sub counties which are Ivukula, Bulanga, Magada, Nsinze and Namutumba Town council which is the main trading town in the district located along Mbale Iganga Trinyi highway.

Namutumba District has apopulation of about 228900 people doing subsistence agriculture and Animal husbandry as the major economic activities with fairly fertile soils. Some of Namutumba community challenges are health and Water resources. These remain a big challenge as few people have access to good but not safe drinking water unless boiled thus deteriorating health in Namutumba community at large. Its only Namutumba Town council having piped water in some areas in the town council leaving the rural areas in Namutumba in search of good water. This affects the community health in many ways.

Health facilities in Namutumba are still scarce and in poor state. The district with apopulation of 228900 has no functioning Hospital to handle emergencies and critical patients as majority are reffered to Iganga 40km or Jinja and Mbale.

The existing health centers 3 in Namutumba town council and Health center 4 in Nsize that have done recommendable job but they are being overpowered by the large population and a lot of accidents to handle.

According to this analysis, we have proposed the establishment of Namutumba Community hospital that will take care of all health issues and emergencies in the district thus supporting the existing health Centres. Namutumba community hospital will be set up with all necessary equipment, good to be a refferal and in position to handle all emergencies.

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